California's Central Coast

The California central coast is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, both above and below the surface. The rich marine environment makes diving the best in the world, but it is not the easiest diving. Cold waters (42 - 60 °F) along with low visibility (5 - 50 feet) and large prevailing swells combine with sometimes tough entries/exits to make it a challenge. It is not uncommon for divers to scramble down an embankment in full gear only to face 3 foot waves crashing on a rocky beach. You dive where you can. We can't all live in the Caribbean!

Big Sur Coast

Here are some of my underwater photos from Monterey and Carmel Bays. Be sure to check out my landscape photos of the Big Sur Coast as well.

Butterfly House (Carmel Bay) Point Lobos (Carmel Bay)
Otter's Cove (Monterey Bay) Point Lobos (Exceptional Viz!)
Big Sur Coast 2008 REEF Survey
Monterey Aquarium (Live Bay Camera) New Camera
Breakwater Cove (Monterey) Other Local Photographers
Coral Street (Monterey) Ball Buster (Monterey)

Diving Monterey and Carmel

Monterey/Carmel Shore Dive Recommendations. These are my favorite sites.

If you do not have cold water diving experience and intend to dive the Monterey area, it is a good idea to get an experienced local diver to show you the ropes - especially if you are a warm water diver! There are several accidents (even deaths) each year with warm water divers misjudging conditions and the required experience.