New Camera - First Photos (June 2008)

I have been longing for a new camera setup for a couple of years. The recent annual REEF Monterey Field Survey tipped me over the edge. As I looked at all the other folk's photos, I decided to take the final plunge. There were a number of deficits in the older Olympus 5060 and manual Sea&Sea strobe that I was shooting. First, the shutter and focus response of the 5060 is quite slow. It is very frustrating to miss a lot of great picture because the camera would not take the shot. Not to mention the fact that the small LCD screen on the 5060 gets smaller as I get older. Second, the macro mode on the 5060 is impossible to get setup quickly during a dive. And lastly, the Ikelite housing did not support TTL (Through The Lens) metering and firing with the Sea & Sea strobe. So...

The new system consists of:

  1. Canon Powershot G9 camera (3" LCD screen, 12.1 MP)
  2. Ikelite 6147.09 Housing
  3. Ikelite DS-125 TTL strobe and sync cord
  4. Ultralight strobe arms


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I am still working my way through how to shoot the camera and deal with the significantly larger Ikelite strobe (close to 3 lbs. on the surface!). Here are some photos from the first 3 dives made with the camera. Dives were at Coral Street and Breakwater Cove on June 14th and 16th. Visibility was moderate in the 15-20 foot range, so underwater vistas were hard to come by. However, I did have fun with the macro mode.


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School of Tubesnouts
Surfacing Under The Kelp
Padded Sculpin
Pygmy Poacher
Rubberlip Surfperch
Tiny Snail Convention
The Canopy at Coral Street
Tubesnouts Up Close
Hermit Crab
Dendronotus Iris on the Attack
Tiny Snail and Strawberry Anenome

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