Point Lobos State Reserve, Carmel Bay

Point Lobos State Reserve is a jewel in the Central Coast. It is somewhat protected from northerly swells, and southern swells usually leave the sites in the park very diveable. The park itself sits near a finger of the deep water Carmel canyon. Consequently, cold clear water is frequently flushed into the mouth of Whaler's Cove yielding great visibility. I have seen viz upwards of 80 feet when Monterey Bay is reporting 3-5 feet.

This is also the premier spot for technical diving. Several hundred yards off-shore can get you deep very quickly. The nutrient rich waters provide a wealth of food, so the sites are teaming with life. It is also a strict no take zone, so it is one of your only chances to see what the underwater of Carmel Bay looked like years ago.

Diving is by a reservation system that controls the number of divers in the park, and the buddy system is strictly enforced. Small boats can be launched from Whaler's Cove.





Whaler's Cove in Point Lobos State Reserve





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Hermissenda and Friend
Striped Ronquil
Vermillion Rockfish
Trio of Shrimp
Copper Rockfish
Black Rockfish
Staring Gopher
Not-quite Male Sheephead
Deenie Descending on Middle Reef
Snubnose Sculpins
Kelp Forest
Egg Yolk Jelly
Jelly in the Canopy
Pair of Hermissendas
Ling on a Ledge
Comb Jelly
Black&Yellow in Cave
Jellyfish Tenticles