Butterfly House, Carmel Bay

Butterfly House is a Carmel Bay dive site named for the house sitting on the ocean side of Scenic Ave. in Carmel-By-The-Sea. The roof of the house has a funky upward sweep (it was the '60s after all) that is reminiscent of butterfly wings. It is a hard scrabble down a 30 foot drop from the road to the beach, but when the viz is good, it is one of the best shore dives in the area. The best diving is at the outside of the kelp where the average depth is about 50-60 feet. This is a good doubles or stage dive using 32-36% nitrox.

There are a series of pinnacles that rise from the sand that are covered in invertebrates. Be aware that the currents in this area can pick up in an instant and even change directions quickly.

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  Kelp at Surface
Kelp Forest
Sunflower Star
Decorator Crab
John Wolfe in Kelp
Harbor Seal
Great Viz
Yellow Edge Cadlina
Gopher Rockfish
Large Lingcod
Dive Site at Dawn
Hydrocoral Canyon
Male Kelp Greenling