Otter's Cove, Monterey Bay

Otter's Cove is in Monterey Bay on the shores of Pacific Grove, CA. It is adjacent to the landmark Lover's Point park. Otter's is often a forgotten dive site that get ignored because the entry is not obvious. Also divers tend to dive too close to shore and conclude that the site is not very good. As in most sites in Carmel and Monterey, the best diving is out near the edge of the kelp bed. A strong series of pinnacles runs a little west of north with an average depth of about 45 feet. Otter's is a good alternative to the overcrowded parking nightmare of Lover's point.

There is a low spot in the reef on the way out that can cause some hassles at low tide.

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Urticina Anenome
Snubnose Scuplin
Blackeyed Goby


Cucumber Plume
Kelp Greenling
Painted Greenling