Breakwater Cove, Monterey Bay

Breakwater Cove in Monterey Bay is a favorite training area and often gets overlooked as a dive site. A man made breakwater shields the marina from the swells. It is a favorite seal lion haul out and has quite a kelp forest attached at between 25 and 15 feet depth. It is probably the most popular night dive site. With 10-15 feet of visibility, the kelp forest is quite a treat and a great place for photos. Many divers head to the bottom of the wall at 40 feet, but they are missing the best diving up in the kelp.


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Feeding Dendronotus Iris
Hiding Sailfin Sculpin
Black Surfperch

Crab and Clam Spout

Pygmy Poacher
Sailfin Sculpin
Rubberlip Surfperch

Dendronotus Iris

Mystery Sculpin
Juvenile Black Surfperch
Hermit Crab

Octopus at Night

Changing Colors to Hide
Rainbow Surfperch

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