Monterey REEF Survey (May 2008)

Lobos Rocks at Big Sur

This was the annual REEF Monterey Field Survey trip. This was a great group of divers from California and the Pacific Northwest out to survey the local fish and invertebrate species. Along with the amateur group were four professionals,Christy and Bryce Semmens from REEF and Steve Lonhart and Chad King from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NOAA monitors and manages the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. Boat charter was provided by Phil Sammet and the crew from Cypress Charters. It is always the best diving and a fun ride.

The conditions for the trip could not have been better. Glassy seas for the first two days with viz in the 30-60 foot range. I got some shots of unusual species but I can't take the credit as my dive buddies, John Wolfe (rosies) and Carl Gwinn (manacled sculpin and mosshead warbonnet), were responsible for making the finds. Thanks guys!


 Watch Pete Naylor from Washington do an unusual surface interval in Carmel Bay here . (Warning: large movie file)


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Moon Jelly Under Surface
Carl Counting the Blues
Canyon at Dali's Wall
Rosy Rockfish
Snail at Metridium Fields
Black Rockfish
Dorid Nudibranchs
Fish Counters on Board the Cypress
Kelp Rockfish
Pete's Surface Interval Behind the Boat
Mosshead Warbonnet
Rainbow Seaperch at Night