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People in gear-intensive hobbies like diving and photography are naturally gear oriented. My purpose here is to discuss some of my gear choices in three areas: recreational diving, technical and cave diving, and photography equipment. These are the best choices for me and the environments I use the gear in. They may not be the best choices for you. There are far fewer absolutes in gear choice than some of the debates would have you believe.

Gear arguments occur across the spectrum: diving, photography, computers, engineering test equipment, musical instruments,etc. You name it and there is a heated debate over what is best. It can get quite contentious. Why? I guess some people have nothing better to do than to seed the world with their sage advice. Some of these folks do have good advice, but how do we "sort them" from the blow hards? If I know enough to see through the all smoke, then I wouldn't need any advice from an internet site, would I.

So, what am I offering here? Simply a look at my gear choices without speaking in too many absolutes. My intention is not to preach the "gospel", but to simply relay my equipment choices in hopes that the information is useful. Research your own gear choices carefully. In the end if you are happy and safe (including your buddy if you are diving), then you probably have the "right" gear.

Also, if you like gear, if a new computer or lens seems to make your day, be aware of the chronic disease of upgraditis. I write to you as one who is a recovering addict. After twelve step programs, counseling and strict financial monitoring, I still love acquiring new gear. However, I would estimate that some large portion of my upgrades did not produce the results I expected -- meaning it did not pay to upgrade. I believe that this is especially true in photography equipment.

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