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Photography seems to suffer from some of the same animosity over gear choices seen in diving. I find this rather amazing. It is about taking photos (or diving), not about the gear. Gear is just a facilitator of the end result, not the point itself.

If you are new to serious photography, one thing you should become aware of at the start. Photographers seem to blow things out of proportion (pun intended). In looking for a longer focal length lens, I had read the reviews by pros and amateurs alike. From the comments, you would think that there is a huge difference between lenses. However my own testing showed little difference between a $1600 Nikon and and a $500 Nikon lens. In fact, the $1600 lens showed significant vignetting (darkening at the edges of the photo). I returned the $1600 lens. But the pros said this was a great lens, in fact, the ONLY lens in its category.

The point of small differences was brought home in looking at some test chart photos. A particular reviewer trumpeted the quality of his favorite lens over the competition and proudly showed resolution chart photos to prove it. I did an experiment. I showed the charts to some folks and asked them to compare. Everyone said that the two were about the same and they had a hard time picking the "winner". Yet this gentleman was so sure that one was better than the other -- and he had proof!

When thinking of stepping into more serious photography, we all have the desire to get the best equipment at the lowest investment. That is why we read reviews and try to make sense out of all the divergent opinions about equipment. Digital vs. film. Medium format vs. 35mm. Canon vs. Nikon. And then there are printers and service bureaus (professional print houses)! We would like to make the "right" choice and save ourselves some time and money. Trouble is, the only way to really find the right choice for yourself, is through personal experience. The gear that gives your favorite photographer her best results may have no bearing whatsoever on you getting your best results.

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