Technical Gear

The basic elements of a technical kit for both ocean, wreck, and cave are:

  1. Double 85 c.f tanks with isolation manifold.
  2. Backplate and harness
  3. 55 lbs lift wings (or just large enough to supply buoyancy given the gear).
  4. Long hose regulator configuration with two Abyss Explorer regulators (now out of business due to a lawsuit)
  5. Two wrist mount computers
  6. Argon inflation system for the drysuit
  7. Two 40 c.f. deco tanks with Atomic regulators
  8. Wrist slate for deco profile
  9. 50 lb lift bag
  10. 10 Watt HID Sartek canister light
  11. Turtle fins
  12. Surface Marker Buoy with 75 foot spool of cave line

Here is a picture of all that junk for a typical 180-200 foot dive:

Below 220 feet, a third 80 c.f. deco tank is added, and I typically carry dual 104 c.f. (instead of the shown dual 85s) for the extra reserve.