Caveat Emptor! Buying Camera Gear in Brooklyn 

Buying anything over the internet is a gamble, fortunately, if you use a credit card, you can always dispute the charges. Regardless of the true nature of the disagreement, this may put a ding on your credit report.

In trying to purchase a camera recently, I ran across a number of well put together sites that were selling camera gear at GREAT prices. These were nearly 50% of list. So, I investigated carefully. There are a large number of photo shops in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Jersey that are unscrupulous in their dealings. Here's the scam:

How do you tell the difference? It is difficult. There are even WONDERFUL stores in New York like Adorama and B&H Photo with huge selections and GREAT customer service. However, expect NO discounts.

There are, however, several tell-tale signs:

  1. Prices too low to believe.
  2. No physical address given, only a phone number and an e-mail.
  3. An area code or address in Brooklyn
  4. Huge shipping costs.
  5. USA Warranty or US Warranty instead of Full USA Manufacturer's Warranty

Be careful when trying to squeeze every last nickel out of a purchase, it may end up costing you dearly.