Central Belize Aboard the Nekton Pilot (January 2007)

Every dive site was centered on a deep wall like those found the Caymans and Cozumel. A typical dive is out along the wall at some depth between 40 and 70 feet and back along the crest of the wall at 20-30 feet. Dive times ranged from 1 hour to over an hour and a half.

Photography here seemed a bit harder than in Baja as the fish were more wary and to get some of these photos required multiple tries. I hunted all week to get a good shot of the various species of Butterflyfish that run in mated pairs with little success. The only decent shot I could manage was a "surprise attack" at night.

With the larger animals like Eagle Rays, extended chases were involved until they became too nervous and took off...

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 Banded Coral Shrimp

Black Grouper Lurking Around the Boat

Blue Parrotfish
Gray Angelfish
Large Green Moray
Yellowtail Grouper Hanging in a Barrel Sponge
Swimming Over the Deep Blue at Glover's Reef
Horse Eye Jacks Under Boat
Juvenile Spotted Drum Dancing on the Reef
Spotted Eagle Ray Escaping
Mated Pair of Four-eye Butterflyfish at Night
Pair of Indigo Hamlets