Baja Mexico Aboard the Don Jose (October 2004)

Evening Treat on the Sea of Cortez

This was a REEF trip whose purpose was to do biological surveys of fish species in the region and have FUN. REEF (Reef Environemental Education Foundation) holds trips across the world whose purpose is to bring together recreational divers who perform fish counts on each of the dives. Over time, these data provide scientists, and others, a database of observations on a wide variety of species.

   The 2004 REEF Survey Team!

Dive buddy John Wolfe (on the right) and Peter Schalkwijk, our guide and divemaster.

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Whale Shark
Pangas in Tow
Sea Lion
Amarillo Snapper
School of Barracuda
Blue and Gold Snappers
Blunthead Triggerfish
Bullseye Electric Ray