Pescadero State Beach (Half Submerged)

Pescadero State Beach is about 15 miles south of Half Moon Bay on Highway 1. These series of pictures were taken over two separate afternoons. They are called half submerged because on the second visit, I was all dressed up in a drysuit and walking, sitting, crawling or laying down among the tide pools with a housed Olympus camera. Photos from the first visit were taken nice and dry using a Nikon D100.

If you have never tried photographing the tide pools this way, it is quite freeing. Usually when you walk among the pools, you are constantly concerned about getting your clothes wet or slipping and falling in. In a drysuit, it is all irrelevant. You just have to understand that people and the sea gulls will look on in utter amazement.

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Breaking Sunset

Crashing Surf - Shore Dive Anyone?

More Raging Ocean
Soaring Over the Waves
Exposed Green Anemone
Gull with Sea Star
Guardian Gull
Great Blue Heron and Gull
Excavated Hole
Small Sea Cave
Sand-level View of Sunset
Anemones at the Water Line