Dive Instruction

I am a PADI/DSAT instructor, and offer a variety classes on a limited basis. I teach group classes for the Presidio of Monterey Defense Language Institute, so time restricts my teaching to individual or very small groups (2-3). E-mail me for a price list and schedule if you are interested. If my schedule doesn't work with yours, I can give you contact information for a wide range of great local instructors, both technical and recreational.

Classes Taught:

Recreational Diving

Diving is the greatest sport in the world, but it is not for everyone. Read on...(You Want To Dive?)

Technical Diving

Before considering technical dive training, I recommend that you read the following article (So, You Want To Technical Dive?). Give it some time to sink in. It is not something you should do lightly!

D.A.N. Diver's Alert Network Emergency Training