Here are some links that I find useful and interesting:

Links for New Divers:

Scuba Board Discussion Forums
PADI Website
Divers Alert Network
Chuck Tribolet's Dive Conditions Page Monterey Wave Information
Live Conditions (MB Aquarium Bay CAM)
Presidio of Monterey Outdoor Recreation Link for my ODR students
Monterey Dive Sites
Google Earth Install Google Earth program and view satellite images of your dive sites!

Technical Diving:

The Deco Stop Forum
Cave Diver Forum
PADI Technical Dive Training
TDI Technical Dive Training
IANTD Technical Dive Training
NACD Cave Dive Training
NSS-CDS Cave Dive Training

Underwater Photography:

Stephen Frink Photography
Norbert Wu Photography
Wet Pixel Forum

Landscape Photography:

Luminous Landscape
Vivid Light Magazine
Nature Photographers Online Magazine

Cameras and Gear:

B&H Photo
Adorama Photo
Monterey's Backscatter
Thom Hogan's Nikon Site
Photo Review Sites