Welcome to Siis Ha (pronounced Cease Hah). Here you will find a variety of photos, links and articles on diving and marime life plus a few topside topics including landscape photography. Siis Ha is Mayan for Cold Water. Actually, since the Maya are from the jungles of Mexico and Central America, the word siis translates literally as cool or just ... not hot. The site name derives from my love of diving in the waters around Monterey California (cold water) and the diving in the caves of the Yucatan peninsula (the Riviera Maya).

Diving is my passion... warm water, cold water, deep water or shallow water. Wet is generally better than dry. This site mostly contains images from the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) where I have the most opportunity to dive and photograph.

Whale Shark Watching in the Sea of Cortez
Monterey 2008 REEF Field Survey
Central Belize on the Nekton Pilot
Latest Images


Landscape Photography: Panorama of San Francisco from San Mateo


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