Yucatan Dive Trip - December 2004

The latest trip was December 14-21, 2004 to the Yucatan peninsula. The highlight of the trip was a visit to Cenote Caracol, a new system adjacent to Nahoch Nachich north of Tulum, Mexico.

Chac Mool Steps - Middle Entrance
Waters at Sac Aktun
Nahoch Nachich - Main Entrance

Some of the dives were made with my dive buddy Kate. In four days, we did 13 dives in the following cave systems:

Chac Mool
Sac Aktun
Nahoch Nachich

The longest penetration was about 2,500 feet in Nahoch which is quite shallow at an average of 15-20 feet.

On the 18th, we had a particular treat and were privileged to dive a new system, Cenote Caracol which is adjacent to Nahoch Nachich. The dives were led by Sergio Granucci who was one of the original explorers. After a day at Caracol, Kate then dove with Pep Llinares from Labna Ha while I finished the trip diving with Sergio Granucci.

My final dive was the biggest cave dive of my career to the Abyss in Nahoch Nachich. All told, I made 20 cave dives this trip.

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AquaTech Villas DeRosa
Aventuras Akumal
The Coba Road at Sunset
Nahoch Nachich Steps
Cenote Ponderosa
Reflections in Ponderosa

Sac Aktun - Grand Cenote

Path at Sac Aktun