Monterey REEF Survey (May 2008)

Sea Lion Resting on Mooring in Monterey Harbor

I was trying out a new compact camera, the Canon SD870 IS with Canon's underwater housing. This system is so much more compact than the Ikelite/Sea&Sea strobe, and Olympus 5060 combination that I have been using for years. It works great for close to medium range work but seems to suffer from macro and infinity focus issues. Of course, the lack of a strobe yields low success rates in the mid-range. In the great viz that we had, I took many shots with the flash off and got good results. The camera would be less useful in lower viz conditions.


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Black Rockfish in Kelp
Chestnut Cowry and Hydrocoral
Gopher Rockfish
Rosy Rockfish
Ron on the Way Back
Cabezon in the Palms
Comb Jelly and Diver
Moon Jelly at the Surface
Bryce on the Hunt
Sharpnose Seaperch School
Schooling Black Rockfish
Black Eyed Goby at Night