Welcome! My name is Dan Grolemund from San Mateo, California. I was first certified to dive in 1976 in Pensacola, FL. At the time, I was a high school student in West Texas, so, I didn't do a lot of diving after certification. In 1999, I was living the Bay Area and took a trip to Monterey and it suddenly hit me... I used to know how to dive!

After a 20+ year hiatus, it was clear that I needed to re-certify. After all, when I took the class in '76, we did not have a second reg, or a BCD (we used what was referred to as horse collars).

I eventually trained as an instructor with Gene Battaglia at IDT. Most of my current teaching is at the Presidio of Monterey for the U.S. Army's recreation program Defense Language Institute ODR.

My deep water technical diver training has been with Phil Sammet in Monterey, CA. I trained as a technical instructor with Phil, and Andreas Matthes in the Yucatan. My cave dive training was with Steve Gerrard, and Sergio Granucci also in the Yucatan. See my dive resume for more details.

Professionally, I am a electrical engineer with a background in physics (professional resume).